Liverpool Physicist awarded STFC Enterprise Fellowship


Alexandra Alexandrova, a Fellow within the University of Liverpool-led LA³NET project based at the Cockcroft Institute, has been awarded a Science and Technology Funding Council (STFC) Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

These Fellowships are awarded on a highly competitive basis and enable promising science and technology researchers to grow into successful entrepreneurs.

This prestigious award will allow Ms Alexandrova to focus solely on refining her business ideas, whilst gaining access to some of best commercial training and mentorship available in the United Kingdom.

Ms Alexandrova is currently working on the development of a laser-based velocimeter for the characterization of gas targets as they are used for example in non-invasive beam profile monitors or as experimental targets. This work forms the core of her business idea, along with other optical diagnostics that have been developed by her QUASAR Group.

Professor Carsten Welsch, Head of the University’s Accelerator Physics Group, says: ”I am very happy about this news. Alexandra is an outstanding researcher who has been working at the interface between academia and industry for many years. She has already benefited from significant training within the LA³NET project.

The RSE/STFC Enterprise Fellowship will now allow her to refine her business ideas and pave the way for a spin-off company.”

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