University Athletic Union announces £40k sponsorship deal

The University of Liverpool’s Athletic Union (AU) has announced a £40k sponsorship deal with student accommodation provider, Pinnacle.

Up to 25 clubs will wear kit with Pinnacle as the main shirt sponsor across men’s and women’s teams in sports such as, football, rugby union, rugby league, hockey and badminton.  Pinnacle will also be able to promote their services through the AU’s social media platform.

The sponsorship money will  be used to invest in new team clothing, equipment, development grant support and campus sport sponsorship. Additionally, it will enable training support for clubs in areas such as strength and conditioning.

Achieving ambitions

Stephanie Devine, the University’s AU President, said: “We are looking forward to working closely with an ambitious and developing company, such as Pinnacle, and to help them achieve their own Liverpool city targets. This support will also enable our clubs to keep developing and will also assist them in achieving their own ambitions.”

Richard Caton, Head of Marketing, said: “Pinnacle Students are very proud to support the University of Liverpool. We wish all teams that we are sponsoring the very best for the forthcoming year and look forward to supporting all the players.

“This new venture comes at an exciting time for Pinnacle Students as we work to grow closer ties with the University, the Athletics Union and, of course, the city.”

The £40k investment is part of a one-year initial contract with the aim of developing a long term sponsor relationship in the future.


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