Equine Hospital gears up for the Grand National

Horse outside the Philup Leverhulme Equine Hospital

The University of Liverpool’s Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital is once again getting ready to provide veterinary support at the Grand National Festival, the most famous event in the UK horse racing calendar.

During the three-day festival, veterinary experts will be working at Aintree Racecourse and enabling access to the hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities at the University’s Leahurst campus, for any horses requiring specialist care.

Equine experts

The Equine Hospital offers specialist expertise in Equine Medicine, Surgery, Anaesthesia and Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Facilities include a £1.8 million Intensive Care Unit, CT and MRI scanning, a radiography suite, two highly equipped operating theatres and stabling facilities.

A team of four vets from the hospital, led by Dr Ellen Singer who has vast experience of caring for racehorses, will be assisting at the racecourse, while specialist equine surgeon Padraig Kelly will be the liaison for any horses referred to the hospital.

Common goal

Professor Catherine McGowan, Hospital Director, says: “We’ve worked closely with Aintree Racecourse for many years. It’s a busy three days for everyone but it’s rewarding to work with horses who are at the top of their game and in peak, physical condition.

“Ensuring the health and welfare of horses is a common goal of both organisations, so it’s only fitting that our hospital, which is the best equipped equine facility in the region, is on standby to care for any of the festival runners if needed.”

Find out more about the members of our Grand National 2016 veterinary support team here.

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