Viewpoint: Eat fat, get thin debate a “huge distraction”

Professor Capewell

Professor Capewell

Professor Simon Capewell is Vice-President for policy for the UK Faculty of Public Health and a professor of clinical epidemiology at the University. He is also a trustee for the UK Health Forum for Heart of Mersey and a founder member of Action on Sugar:

“The focus by the media on attacking these nutritional guidelines is a huge distraction from the real causes of obesity, notably our obesogenic environment and the unregulated advertising of cheap junk food to children.

“There is extensive scientific evidence that animal saturated fats (particularly meat and lard) increase blood cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes.

“What is needed to maintain a healthy weight or indeed lose weight is a healthy diet focussed on vegetables, fruit, fibre, nuts, seeds, fish and wholegrain foods, plus regular physical activity.

Public confusion

“The UK Faculty of Public Health fully supports Public Health England’s (PHE) guidance on a healthy diet.

“The PHE advice reflects evidence-based science that we can all trust. It is focused 100% on the public interest, and has not been influenced by industry.

“By contrast, the new NOF report will sadly increase public confusion. It has not been peer reviewed and it is unclear who wrote it, or how it was funded.

“This is worrying, particularly as The National Obesity Forum is an organisation that has received professional and financial support from the food and pharmaceutical industries.”

To read more about the debate on the BBC News site please click here.

Professor Capewell

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