Public lecture explains the power of the human skeleton

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The University of Liverpool will host a three-day series of events focused on exploring the capabilities of the human skeleton and how diseases affect its normal function.

The events, organised by the Bone Research Society (BRSOC), include a public lecture, ‘What Really Moves You?’, as well as a workshop for school children in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, and an academic conference on musculoskeletal diseases.

The public lecture, chaired by the University’s Derby Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Jim Gallagher, includes a discussion from Professor of Adult Bone Diseases at the University of Sheffield, Eugene McCloskey, who will use the example of Hollywood action heroes Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson to explore issues of bone health.

Remarkable machine

Other speakers at the event include Jonathan Jarvis, Professor of Sport and Exercise Science, at Liverpool John Moores University, who will investigate the links between exercise and muscle mass; and Professor Virginia Byers Kraus from Duke University, USA, examining issues related to osteoarthritis.

Professor Gallagher said: “The human skeleton is a remarkable machine and during the conference we will explore its strength, weight, power and endurance, as well as the consequences of disease, ageing and wear and tear on the bones, muscles and joints.”

‘The Science of Bones’ workshopfor school children includes guest scientists from Liverpool, Sheffield and Oxford conducting live demonstrations to school groups on topics such as why humans need strong bones; how the body can run and jump; why bones are easily broken; and how scientists can measure the forces on the human leg. Models of the human body and motion capture technology will be used to educate young people on how their body works and what they should do to keep bones healthy.

Paget’s Disease

The University will also host a Paget’s Disease information event for patients, carers and medical professionals. Paget’s Disease is a disease that disrupts the normal cycle of bone renewal and repair, resulting in bones becoming weak.

‘What Really Moves You?’ takes place at lecture theatre B, Central Teaching Hub, Friday, 1 July at 5.45pm.  To register please visit:

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