£1m obesity and type 2 diabetes clinical trial launched

Close up of man holding a tape measure around his waste

A major clinical trial involving patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes, led by researchers from across the University of Liverpool has been funded £1 million.

The group, made up of researchers from University Hospital Aintree, MARIARC, the Department of Psychological Sciences, Institute of Ageing and the Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit (LCTU), has been awarded the funds to examine different aspects of obesity in people with diabetes in new experimental ways.

Mechanistic insight

The study will run a randomized controlled trial of a novel treatment combination that may help patients control their blood sugar and weight, to examine changes in people’s energy balance, appetite, body composition, glucose, fat and metabolism.

The cardiovascular function of obese patients with type 2 diabetes will also be examined. It will examine important clinical end points as well as provide mechanistic insight.

The funding has been provided as an investigator-initiated research grant by AstraZeneca, a major contributor to UK science and innovation investment, economic prosperity and to patient health.

Involved in the group are Dr Daniel Cuthbertson, Professor John Wilding, Professor Graham Kemp, Professor Jason Halford, Dr Jo Harrold, Victoria Sprung and Dr Emily Brown.

Profound influence

Dr Dan Cuthbertson, the study principal investigator, said: “This study will allow us to expand our current diabetes/obesity clinical trial portfolio and builds upon previous clinical trial collaborations between Psychology, MARIARC and Aintree clinical academics.

“Our work has the potential to profound influence clinical practice of obesity and type 2 diabetes management.”

For more information about the study please contact daniel.cuthbertson@liverpool.ac.uk

Picture of a man with a tape measure around his waist


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