A new University of Liverpool website


The University of Liverpool has launched a preview version of its brand new website. Visitors to the ‘beta’ website are invited to browse the main pages and offer feedback before the final versions are published.

The current website homepage is the key gateway to the University, with more than 16,000 people using it every day.

High-impact visual design

Based on the objectives outlined in the University’s Strategy 2026 and findings from extensive research, user testing and consultation with key stakeholders, the website’s appearance, structure and technology have been transformed.

Through high-impact visual design on key pages, the team is providing clearer routes to critical content.

The new site also helps to clearly explain and contextualise the University’s connections with London, China, Singapore and the 10,000+ online University of Liverpool students across the world.

Improving the digital experience

Mike Deyes, Deputy Director of Marketing, said: “Since early this year, the Digital Communications Team has been working on a project with two key aims: To better communicate the University’s values and global offering and to significantly improve the digital experience for our millions of visitors.

“All of our decisions have been informed by robust user research, strong engagement with key stakeholders and consideration of the digital landscape, both within and beyond the HE sector.”

“The improved presentation of the site will make it easier for users to use the site whatever device they are using – mobile phone, tablet or desktop.  We’ve also significantly improved the University search engine to bring back more accurate, relevant search results.

“So, for the first time, website visitors will be able to filter search results by courses and programmes, news, events and academic staff – all usefully sorted and colour-coded.”

Have your say

The new ‘test’ or ‘beta version’ of the site consists of a new homepage, Study home page, Research website, About Us, and Contact Us pages, along with fresh search functionality.

Start your preview of the new website here: www.liverpool.ac.uk/beta/home

The Digital Communications Team would be pleased to receive any feedback on the new designs and features. Please access the short survey here.

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