Award for collaborative regenerative medicine researcher

Dr Barrow (L) receiving his Special Merit Prize from Sir John Savill (Photo courtesy of MRC)

The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) has awarded a special merit prize to a researcher who has demonstrated outstanding work on leading creative new approaches to help members of the Platform work together effectively and accelerate discovery.

The UKRMP aims to address the key translational challenges of regenerative medicine – a branch of science that aims to repair or replace damaged and diseased human cells and tissues. It brings together academic expertise, innovation and knowledge with commercial and clinical end-users.

Central to the Platform are five interdisciplinary and complementary research Hubs that collectively provide a national resource to researchers by generating new tools, protocols and resources that can be utilised by other UK research groups in both academia and industry.

Exceptional research

Dr Michael Barrow, a PostDoctoral researcher based in Chemistry from the Safety and Efficacy Hub led from the University of Liverpool, has been awarded a prize for embracing the collaborative nature of the Platform and proactively identifying opportunities to advance the work of all collaborators across the Platform.

Mike’s work, which involves creating novel particles for cell tracking, has been highlighted as part of the exceptional research that makes the UK a world leader in the field of regenerative medicine.

Professor Kevin Park, Director, UKRMP Safety and Efficacy Hub said: “The University conducts world-leading research in many areas of regenerative medicine.

“Applications for regenerative medicine therapies are being developed across a range of areas from liver, kidney, and ophthalmic disease to various kinds of musculoskeletal disorders.

“Dr Michael Barrow has facilitated exceptional research across the UKRMP Hubs on tracking the delivery of cells. Tracking the distribution and viability of these therapeutic cells after injection is important to check whether cells have reached their desired target organ or location in the body.

“We are pleased that his exceptional work in this field has been recognised in this way.”

Dr Barrow received his UKRMP Special Merit Prize from Sir John Savill during a special ceremony earlier this week.

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