Environmental Sciences research impacted by Brexit

Piece in form of UK borders torn out from the flag of the European Union. United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union. Brexit concept

Professor Rob Marrs, from the University’s School of Environmental Sciences on the impact of Brexit on Environmental Sciences research:

“It is inevitable that there will be a reduction in funding available for science, including environmental work. There will be a reduction in the overall pot we can bid into and our ability to go for EU grants in the future will be as sub-partners, if at all.

“For example our department is currently waiting on a pending bid to research green spaces and cities. This is potentially now at risk because of prejudice against Britain.

“Even if the British government was to take all the money that Europe gives to science and puts it into science through a British scheme, the research councils are organised to mainly promote blue skies research so I suspect this will tend to favour more theoretical science rather than work on sustainability and applied environmental science.”

This originally appeared on Energydesk which reports on energy and climate for Greenpeace.

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