Japanese delegation visit the University to discuss radiation safety

A Japanese delegation visited the University on 16 February to learn more about radiation safety and security culture in the UK.

Delegates from The University of Tokyo, Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan Radioisotope Association and the Tokyo University of Science also learnt about the culture improvement initiatives currently being implemented by the University and the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP).

The full delegation included:

  • Professor Takeshi Iimoto – The University of Tokyo
  • Mr Ryosuke Doi – Nuclear Regulation Authority
  • Mr Hisanori Sakaba  – Japan Radioisotope Association
  • Mr Takahiro Koshiba – Tokyo University of Science

The visit began with a welcome address by Professor Carsten Welsch, Head of Physics, who highlighted the commitment of the University of Liverpool to radiation safety and security. He emphasized that radiation protection underlies many research projects in the Department of Physics in particular and in the wider research environment of the University in general.

From Left to Right: Sarah Annand (University of Liverpool), Mr Takahiro Koshiba (Tokyo University of Science), Mr Ryosuke Doi (Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan), Professor Pete Cole (University of Liverpool), Gary Jackson-Burton (Office for Nuclear Regulation), Profesor Takeshi Iimoto (University of Tokyo), Dr Paul Sapple (University of Liverpool), Steve Griffiths (Society for Radiological Protection), Mr Hisanori Sakaba (Japan Radioisotope Association).

Cultural reflections

A series of three short talks were presented on the day. Gary Jackson-Burton from the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) spoke about UK legislation and regulation underlying radiation safety culture; Steve Griffiths from the SRP Council provided some cultural reflections on radiation protection.

Radiation Protection Expert for the University and President of SRP, Professor Pete Cole presented alongside Miss Sarah Annand from the Physics Outreach Group to describe the occupation culture and public and schools engagement work that is being currently carried out by the University and SRP.

Following on from the talks, the Japanese delegates were taken on a tour of the Central Teaching Hub radiation laboratory, the Nuclear Structure research lab in the Oliver Lodge Building, and finally the radiation facility in the Ronald Ross Building.

The delegation were given a tour of the Central Teaching Hub, and enjoyed viewing the Cloud Chamber on display.

Strengthening radiation safety culture

Professor Takeshi Iimoto from the University of Tokyo commented on his visit to the University: “I would like to thank the University for the informative presentations and discussion with us. Your activities and opinions are strengthening our belief and consideration on our future regulation direction on the radiation safety culture.”

Professor Cole said: “It was a pleasure to host this delegation. I am keen to foster and support such international knowledge exchanges and I hope to maintain strong links with our Japanese colleagues for further collaboration in the future.”

To find out more about the work done on radiation protection at the University please visit: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/radiation/

For more information on public engagement on radiation protection please visit the Society for Radiological Protection website at: https://srp-uk.org/

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