Liverpool scientists ‘On tour’

Scientists from the University are taking their ‘Meet the Scientists’ event on tour.

These events, funded by the Wellcome Trust, take science into places where it is not expected, through free family friendly hands on science activities.

The activities have previously taken place in the World Museum and various schools across the region, but are now being taken on tour.

Camouflaged caterpillars!

This Saturday (6 May 2017) between 11am and 3pm the scientists can be found at Central Station in Liverpool City Centre. There will be a fast paced board game exploring disease transmission, a challenge to pair parasites with their animal hosts, and a tricky task of spotting camouflaged caterpillars.

The activities are suitable for all the family but especially for curious primary and early secondary age children. People travelling through the station will also have the opportunity to chat to scientists working in biology at the University about their research, careers and science in general.

Sharing science

Dr Klara Wanelik, Postdoctoral Researcher, said: “These events help us to share science with the wider world and get everyone involved. Science, and curiosity, is important for everyone and not to be hidden away in universities.

“By doing these events in places where people usually go on a regular basis we hope to dispel these myths by showing that there is a budding scientist in all of us.

“We hope to inspire, challenge and entertain visitors with our range of activities.”

The next stop on the their tour will be the Mersey Retail Park, Speke on Saturday, 29 May 2017.

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