Health expert to chair panel at major obesity conference

Jason Halford

A leading expert on food and health is to chair a session at one of the world’s largest think tanks on obesity next week.

Professor Jason Halford, chair in Biological Psychology and Health Behaviour at the University of Liverpool, will lead a discussion panel at the 24th European Congress on Obesity (ECO2017) in Portugal.

The conference, which takes place from 17th-20th May in Porto, will focus on the latest research, clinical approaches and perspectives on obesity.

Professor Halford will jointly host the session ‘Obesity and the Food Industry- Collaboration or Conflict?’ alongside Professor Flora Correia of the University of Porto.

The discussion panel will feature experts from around the world, focusing on topics such as environmental drivers and food policy, portion size reductions and industry perspectives.

Professor Halford is also theme leader of improved consumption and health at N8 AgriFood, a food security research programme led by the N8 Research Partnership (N8).

N8 is a collaboration body for the universities of Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, and York, and aims to maximise the impact of this research base to enable business innovation and societal transformation.

Professor Halford said: “The European Congress on Obesity brings together experts from around the world to discuss a variety of issues relating to obesity.

“ECO2017 will provide a great opportunity to showcase N8 AgriFood’s research into this field, particularly how changes in behaviour, diet and other socio-economic factors can improve public health.”

The flagship event is the largest obesity meeting in Europe and is expected to attract up to 1,500 attendees from all over the world.

Panellists involved in the session include Professor Anna Peeters, Professor of Epidemiology and Equity in Public Health, Deakin University; Professor Susan Jebb, Professor of Diet and Population Health, University of Oxford and Professor Robert Black, chair of the Department of International Health, John Hopkins University.


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