University strengthens partnership with Wenzhou Medical University

From Left to Right at the back: Zhu Xueqiong, Jiang Chao, Liang Guang, Zhu Xuebo, David Fernig, Anthony Hollander, Robert Sutton, John Tasker. Front: Qui Yi and Bob Burgoyne.

The University hosted a delegation from Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) on Wednesday, 25 May.

Liverpool has two major collaborations with WMU, one led by Professor Ahmed Elsheik from the School of Engineering, the other by Professor David Fernig from the Institute of Integrative Biology.

The primary aim of the visit was to build on the existing collaborations through signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities. This enables a broadening and deepening of research and training links between the universities.

The visiting party comprised of the Chancellor of Wenzhou Medical University, Professor Qiu Yi and his colleagues Zhu Xuebo, Director of the International Affairs Office, Professor Liang Guang, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Zhu Xueqiong, Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department and Vice President of the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of WMU, Professor Jiang Chao and Ms Lin Geyin, programme manager International Affairs Office.

The WMU party visited some of Liverpool’s key research facilities, including the Centre for Genomics Research, the Centre for Cell Imaging and the Centre for Proteome Research in the Institute of Integrative Biology, the Clinical Research Facility in the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Professor Elsheik’s Opthalmology Research facilities in the School of Engineering.

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