2017 General Election results: Experts and social media reaction

University of Liverpool political experts provide their response to the 2017 General Election results:

Jon Tonge, Professor of Politics:

“This was the most absurd election in British political history.  There was no reason to call it and it backfired spectacularly.

For a party normally so formidable at winning elections, this was a remarkably poor campaign by the Conservatives.  They had no clear campaign narrative and their manifesto offered precious little to excite.   They underestimated the capacity of Corbyn’s Labour to attract new and young voters and overestimated their capacity to attract UKIP voters.

The Conservative Party now relies on a loveless marriage with the DUP – and the DUP will extract a high-price.”

Dr Andrew Crines, Lecturer in British Politics: 

“This was a massive gamble that Theresa May took to try and strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations. It backfired in spectacular fashion. Partly because the voter doesn’t like being asked to go to the polls unnecessarily but also because of the dreadful campaign May led. Her refusal to engage with the voters bordered on the belligerents.

“Also Corbyn, who is a natural campaigner, performed better than expected. He has spent his political lifetime campaigning for various causes and so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him perform well in an election. He managed to not only keep his number of MPs but increase, which given how low expectations were seven weeks ago that is nothing short of phenomenal.”

Dr Stuart Wilks -Heeg, Head of Politics:

“Theresa May is in deep, deep trouble. We know why she called the election; she wanted a bigger majority and a strong mandate ahead of the Brexit negotiations. At the time, it looked like she couldn’t fail, and now it seems that she has failed spectacularly. The campaign has fatally undermined her leadership, and the one thing that could have saved her – if she came through with a strong majority for the Conservative party – hasn’t happened. I think she is finished politically – whether she resigns, or is pushed out by her own party remains to be seen.”

Social media reaction 

The University’s Department of Politics provided their insight throughout the night as the election unfolded:


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