Liverpool hosts prestigious conference for brain surgeons

Liverpool community leader, Chief Angus Chukuemeka, giving his address at the Gala event.

Brain surgeons from across the globe gathered in Liverpool recently for a three day conference that featured some of the University’s latest neurological research.

The Society of British Neurological Surgeons Autumn meeting was hosted by the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust and took place at the Titanic Hotel. Delegates, including invited guests from the Continental Association of African Neurological Societies, were welcomed by current President Paul May – the first neurosurgeon from Liverpool to hold the post in the Society’s 91 year history.

Conference highlights

World-renowned peadiatric neurosurgeon Professor James T Goodrich spoke of the ground breaking operation he performed in 2016 to separate conjoined 13 month old twins Anais and Jadon MacDonald, who were born attached by the crown of their heads.

Neurologist Professor Tom Solomon, from the University’s Institute of Infection and Global Health, gave a lecture on the challenges of brain infections and the importance of collaboration between neurologists and neurosurgeons.

The meeting also highlighted some of the collaborative research taking place in the city. Neurosurgeons Michael Jenkinson (University of Liverpool), Martin Wilby (The Walton Centre) and Conor Mallucci (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital) are  leading multi-centre clinical trials to determine the best treatment for patients with meningioma, sciatica and hydrocephalus that will have a global impact on future healthcare delivery.

Unity in the field

The conference ended with a gala dinner at the Anglican Cathedral, where guest of honour, Liverpool community leader Chief Angus Chukuemeka, highlighted the importance of Africa’s contribution towards the advancement of brain surgery and heralded the progress of world unity in the field.

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