Science and Society Lecture: Developing health for a sustainable future

On Tuesday, 21 November the University will host a special lecture by one of the UK’s leading health researchers as part of the Science & Society lecture series.

Professor Mark Hanson is one of the UK’s leading researchers on developmental pathways to disease. Mark is particularly interested in the links between medical science and society.

His lecture, entitled ‘Developing health for a sustainable future’, will examine new developments in health and how demographic changes can exacerbate current health challenges.

Health challenges

In an unstable and rapidly changing world it is sometimes hard to see what investments in the future may be worthwhile. Health underlies human capital to a great extent, in terms of healthcare costs but even more in relation to its effects on economic productivity, societal functioning, and the wellbeing and longevity of the population.

Moreover, health capital is passed from one generation to the next. Yet we face new health challenges globally, especially from non-communicable diseases but also from infectious disease and the damaging effects of urbanisation and environmental destruction.

The lecture, which takes places between 5.30pm and 7pm at the Victoria Gallery & Museum, is free to attend although registration is required. To register please visit

Communicating impact

The Science & Society lecture series are aimed at attracting the wider audience from the university, neighbouring institutions as well as members of the public. The lectures are aimed at addressing the underlying theme of the inter-dependencies of science and society and are part of the university efforts for communicating impact of science to the wider audience.

Professor Hanson is the President of the International Society for the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease and was a founder member and former secretary of the Society. He directs the University of Southampton Academic Unit of Human Development and Health in the Faculty of Medicine. Mark is also a founder member of the Wellcome Trust’s Sci-Art panel. His recent popular science books include Mismatch – the lifestyle diseases timebomb (2006) and Principles of Evolutionary Medicine (2009) and Fat, Fate & Disease (2012).

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