Reducing sugar in cereals is ‘just a start’

Professor Simon Capewell is Vice-President for policy for the UK Faculty of Public Health and a professor of clinical epidemiology at the University. Professor Capewell is also a trustee for the UK Health Forum for Heart of Mersey and a founder member of Action on Sugar.

“Many breakfast cereals comprise a third or more as sugar. That is obviously crazy. At present, our children can easily consume more than a day’s recommended sugar allowance before they even leave the house.

Manufacturers have been under pressure for some time to better respect their health concerns of their customers.

The recent announcement to cut some sugar in some cereals is thus a very welcome step forward. But it is just a start.

If the breakfast manufacturers genuinely wish to give their customers the best start in the morning, they should progressively reduce the sugar in ALL their products.

This reduction is now being carefully overseen by Public Health England. And pushed by the Government’s Department of Health and concerned charities. Progress will be announced in March 2018.

Every cereal manufacturer should strive to be in the top class not named and shamed as a laggard. But will food manufacturers do the smart thing?”

To listen to Professor Capewell’s podcast about sugar please click here.

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