University events taking place in the New Year

Lunchtime Concert Series: The Americans

A host of events across the University are taking place to kick off 2018. Below are some of the highlights:

DB Quinn Lecture in Irish History: Book launch Cambridge Medieval Textbooks – Medieval Ireland

Friday 12 January, 6-8pm, Free.
Eleanor Rathbone Building

In this year’s DB Quinn Lecture, Dr Clare Downham from The Institute of Irish Studies launches her new book Cambridge Medieval Textbooks – Medieval Ireland. Medieval Ireland is often described as a backward-looking nation in which change only came about as a result of foreign invasions. By examining the wealth of under-explored evidence available, Dr Downham challenges this popular notion and demonstrates what a culturally rich and diverse place it really was.

Will Capitalism End in Revolution?

Thursday 25 January, 6-7pm, Free.
Liverpool Central Library

Automation, artificial intelligence, economic crises and climate change have led some writers to ask whether capitalism is coming to the end of its life. Is this true? If so, will a revolution be needed to replace it with a more rational and efficient society? Come and join in the discussion of this fascinating and challenging topic.

Irish language conference

Friday 26 January, 1-5pm, Free.
University of Liverpool in London campus

The Institute of Irish Studies, in association with the Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith, will be hosting a half-day conference on the Irish language.

LivWiSE – What’s the Future of Robotics? Panel discussion

Thursday 1 February, 5.30-7pm, Free.
Central Teaching Hub

There is little doubt that artificial intelligence, robotics and emerging technologies have had a dramatic impact on our lives and the world we now live and work in, but what’s the future for this technological revolution? Will we witness a rise of the robots?

In this event, a panel of experts will discuss what new technologies are currently available, what the future possibilities are and explore the philosophical and ethical implications of future technological innovations.

Lunchtime Concert Series: The Americans

Wednesday 7 February, 1-2pm, Free.
Victoria Gallery & Museum

The Americans present the saga of rural recording artists who became unlikely stars in the emerging genres of country and blues, setting standards for popular music to this day.



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