Need to recharge? Students invited to free Creative Workshops

Students are invited to take part in a series of free Creative Recharge Workshop’s designed to promote student wellbeing and mindfulness at the Victoria Gallery and Museum.

Creative Recharge is the latest addition to the KnowHow programme run by Libraries, Museums and Galleries, which includes a range of workshops to help students succeed in their studies.

Students will have the opportunity to create art, and take inspiration from the VG&M’s current New Perspectives exhibition along with their other diverse range of collections. Mindfulness practices, such as mindful breathing, will be combined with practical activities exploring different artistic materials and techniques, such as sculpture, photography and printing.

The sessions will be led by local artist and freelance educator Louise Waller, who said: “I’m thrilled to offer students this opportunity to take time out for themselves and focus on their own wellbeing, which is the ultimate aim of these sessions. I have found ‘creative play’ to have lots of benefits, including helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Come along to one of our sessions to find out how it can benefit you.”

Nicola Euston, Museums & Galleries Manager at the University of Liverpool, said: “With January exams over, students might be looking for something that can help them to recharge and get into the right mind set during second semester. These sessions are an opportunity for students to relax and get away from life’s stresses for a couple of hours.”

The workshops will take place 2-4 pm at the VG&M on selected Wednesday afternoons. Visit the VG&M’s event page to see what’s coming up.

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