Royal Society Research Professorship success

Professor Matt Rosseinsky FRS from the University’s Department of Chemistry has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society Research Professorship for a further five years.

Professor Rosseinsky leads a research group that works to enhance the fundamental knowledge of physical and chemical properties of new materials, and to improve the performance of materials for applications in energy storage and generation, communications and catalysis. He has worked at the University since 1999.

In 2013, he was one of three researchers awarded a Royal Society Research Professorship which provides long-term support to leading scientists enabling them to focus on their research.

Royal Society Research Professorships provide long term support for world-class researchers of outstanding achievement and promise.  They are the Society’s premier research awards. There are currently 20 Research Professors across all areas of science and engineering in the UK.

Welcoming the new award, Professor Rosseinsky said: “The Royal Society Research Professorship has been extremely important in allowing me more time to focus on the development of new approaches spanning computation and experiment to accelerate the identification of new materials with enhanced properties. This work would be impossible without the close collaboration of many colleagues.”

Professor Ken Badcock, Executive Pro Vice Chancellor for the University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, said: “This is an outstanding achievement and deserved recognition of Professor Rosseinsky’s eminence in the design and discovery of functional materials.”

Previous holders of Royal Society Research Professorships include six Nobel Laureates and five Presidents of the Royal Society.

Professor Rosseinsky spoke to the Royal Society in 2015 about how his research has developed during the course of his RS Professorship.  Here’s a link to the interview:


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