University support for Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

A statement from the University’s Senior Management Team:

“We would like to add our support to the open letter published by the Chair and Chief Executive of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust on Wednesday, in relation to the case of Alfie Evans.

“A number of the University’s clinical staff and students spend part of their time working alongside NHS colleagues at Alder Hey to care for the hundreds of children and their families who rely on the hospital for treatment and support each day.

“While it is not appropriate for the University to comment on an individual patient’s care, we know that colleagues at the hospital strive to provide the very best available support to every patient and it is their expertise and commitment that have maintained Alder Hey’s reputation as an internationally renowned children’s hospital.

“Despite this, along with their colleagues at the Trust, many of the University’s staff and students at Alder Hey have experienced extreme and unjustified personal abuse in recent weeks as they have sought to go about their work. Meanwhile many families visiting the hospital for treatment have experienced unwanted and unhelpful additional stress as a result of the public presence outside the building.

“We would urge all those who wish to express a view on the very sad and difficult circumstances faced by Alfie and his family to do so in a peaceful and respectful way that allows staff and visitors to go about their activities without fear of abuse or intimidation.”

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