Latest podcast – The struggle to balance work and non-work roles

In our latest podcast Dr Laura Radcliffe, a lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, discusses how people manage their various roles and identities with a particular focus on their relationships between work and home life.

Many heterosexual couples begin their lives together expecting to share work and non-work roles equitably. But soon after children enter the picture, a mix of unequal workplace policies and differing cultural expectations for men and women challenges that egalitarian impulse. Eventually, many couples find the division between work and non-work roles becomes increasingly unbalanced as their family grows.

Dr Laura Radcliffe researches and lectures on managing non-work roles and identities. In her public talks, Dr Radcliffe uses storytelling to demonstrate how roles and identities can form almost mysteriously, without any clear decision to follow one particular path. She brings that story to us in this episode.

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