Latest podcast – What the Irish referendum tells us about ‘fake news’

In our latest podcast Professor Louise Kenny, Executive Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, discusses Ireland’s recent repeal the eighth campaign, her involvement and the fight against ‘fake news’.

Professor Kenny knew she would find herself embedded in a heated debate when she joined the campaign to repeal Ireland’s eighth amendment. After all, the change to the Irish constitution would end the country’s near-total ban on abortion. What was surprising however was the degree to which fake facts, false stories and foreign opinions infiltrated the discussion.

It is increasingly clear there was an organized effort by foreign parties to influence the outcome of a democratic process. But in the end, it didn’t work. And the ‘Yes’ side’s success offers a fascinating case study in how to rise above the growing tide of fake news.

Louise Kenny is a Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health and is also a Consultant Obstetrician at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

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