New Game Design Studies programme launched

The University of Liverpool’s School of the Arts launched a new undergraduate offering in Game Design Studies.

This component – available to study as a Minor (25%) or Joint (50%) subject on selected pathways – offers a distinctive multidisciplinary provision in the study of interactive audiovisual media.

It combines teaching and expertise from the departments of Architecture, Communication and Media, English, Music, and Philosophy to consider games and their design from all angles – from the practical elements of design and composition, to the philosophical questions to which gaming gives rise.

The Minor pathway provides an introduction to the study of video games, focussing on topics such as interactive media, the history of gaming cultures, dynamic musical content, and critical issues related to engagement with virtual worlds.

The Joint Honours option incorporates more practical aspects alongside the theoretical and philosophical content. Students will develop the creative and technical skills necessary to make compelling assets for games, choosing to specialise in either design/environment modelling, narrative and story, or music and sound. A portfolio of work – both individual and team-based – will demonstrate the student’s viability as a content creator in the video game industry.

This new provision responds to the rapidly growing video game industry – both nationally and internationally – and seeks to develop the next generation of professionals in this immense field.

Dr Paul Turowski, Subject Component Leader, said: “Digital games represent one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment media.

“Consequently, there is a growing need for many jobs that are not only in the games industry, but in surrounding industries as well.

“This programme develops a wide range of skills that prepare students for employment at various entry points in the job market, including content creation, publishing, journalism, and marketing”.

Game Design Studies can be studied alongside programmes in Communication & Media, English, Music and Philosophy. For more please visit

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