EVENT: Developing robots for domestic environments

University of Liverpool computer scientists are hosting an event to showcase their work developing social robots for use in different domestic environments.

The Robots@Home event will explore how Liverpool’s expertise in developing safe, reliable, and effective robotic systems is being used to develop robots that can be used within the medical and social care sectors and help support an ageing community.

Researchers with the University’s Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST) have been developing autonomous machines and robots for environments from outer space, to the deep sea and the nuclear industry. Their knowledge of the principles and processes behind the reliability, safety and quality of autonomous systems is now being used to develop robots for use in domestic dwellings.

Professor of Computer Science and Director of the University’s Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology, Michael Fisher, said: “This event is an opportunity to discuss and demonstrate how here at Liverpool we are working to develop social and domestic robots based on our knowledge of robotic systems in other environments.  There will also be opportunity for organisations and businesses to find out about the different ways they can work with us in this exciting research area.”

Robots@Home takes place on 9.15am – 3.30pm on Friday, 8 March in the Library Room at the University’s Guild of Students. 

The event is free to attend and includes robot and virtual reality demonstrations.  To register, visit this web page >>>>>>.



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