Why I’ll be filling out the National Student Survey

National Student Survey University of Liverpool 2019

If you’re an undergraduate and you’re in your final year, over the last few weeks you’ve probably been invited to complete the National Student Survey, or as many know it, the NSS. The survey is a chance for us to assess our time at the Uni. I’m going to be completing it because it gives me the chance to give both criticisms and compliments on the last three years I have spent stressed in the Sydney Jones Library.


But I’m also going to complete the survey because the results can improve the University in years to come. Feedback from students in the past helped the Uni develop things like the 502 Teaching Hub. It’s also led to cheaper printing and helped us get lecture-capture on campus.  Essentially, by taking part in the National Student Survey, you’re helping the Uni make important changes that will improve the community we’ve all grown to love over the last three years.


The University is also offering incentives to complete the survey. With every survey completed, £1 will be donated to the Guild’s charities – MOWLL, Sahir House, Revitalise and The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. So in my flat alone, £6 will be donated. Imagine if every house on Smithdown completed the survey, real change within these charities could be implemented. £1 for 10 minutes of your time is such an easy way to give back.

The University will also enter you into a prize draw. They’re offering a £150 Ryanair voucher so you can finally go to Dublin on your house holiday you’ve been saying you’ll go on since first year. You could also win a graduation package. So when it’s time to celebrate all the stresses of the last three years, it’ll be completely free, including a stay in a hotel and restaurant vouchers. Personally, I’ve also got my eye on the 10 Guild burritos.

As a legacy of your time in Liverpool, highlight the issues that will impact future students by completing the survey. It’s really easy and will only take 10 minutes.