Meet your new Student Officers

In March this year you elected four Student Officers – Adnan, Dylan, Jodie and Hannah.

This week, your Officers start in their new roles and we’ve been finding out more about them and what they hope to achieve over the next 12 months.

Adnan Hussain – Guild President

Studied: History

Why did you run to be a Student Officer: I ran to create a student community from the Guild to Greenbank and I’m looking forward to creating the #GuildConnection

Most used emoji: The side-smile smirk!

Priorities: As well as creating a #GuildConnection; building better communities with our local residents on Smithdown Road, changing our bus travel system and establishing better digital links between the Guild and students; I will be focusing on creating a safer, more enjoyable experience for students on a night out, bringing it back to the heart of campus – the Guild!

Dylan Thomson – Deputy President

Studied: Politics and Ancient History

Why did you run to be a Student Officer: I feel that students carry quite a lot of political weight and I was really aware of the positive social change that can happen if enough students want it to!

Most used emoji: Solidarity fist.

Priorities: My main priorities will be establishing an alternative careers fair, considering the Guild and the University’s role in preventing climate change and furthering the work on supporting students accessing the Asylum Seekers’ Bursary.

Jodie Sylvester – Vice President

Studied: History

Why did you run to be a Student Officer: My work with the Feminist Society really made me realise what I’m passionate about and what is really possible in student led activism. Becoming a Student Officer means I’m in a better position to continue to create change on campus!

Most used emoji: Stars in the eyes smile.

Priorities: I will be building on the work of the Call It Out campaign, rolling out disclosure training to student leaders and staff, as well as establishing links in the local community to ensure safer club spaces.

Hannah Nguyen – Vice President

Studied: Psychology

Why did you run to be a Student Officer: After being elected last year I loved my first term of being a Student Officer and re-ran to see my campaign work on Fossil Free through!

Most used emoji: Sarcastic upside down smiley face.

Priorities: I will be continuing to work on the Fossil Free campaign, developing liberation networks and championing student-led fundraising.

To find out more about your Student Officers and to learn more about their plans, please visit the Guild’s website and follow the team on Twitter @GuildOfficers