Blog: My Chinese New Year in Liverpool

Author Gabriella Chen is a MA Architecture student at the University of Liverpool.

I started to plan my Chinese New Year about a month ago. To me and to every Chinese student, this festival has a really significant meaning. It means home, family, the end of the last year and the hope of the new start!

If you are also a Chinese student, I hope in this blog you can learn how to prepare for New Year’s Eve, and if you are a local student or an international student from another country, I hope that you can learn much more about this Chinese traditional festival!

Make dumplings

Similar to Christmas Day, on Chinese New Year’s Eve, we always stay with family and have a wonderful dinner. Dumplings are absolutely the most important part of this meal, so even if you’re in Liverpool, you can still buy the ingredients and try to make the dumpling with your friends. During this process, not only can you enjoy making the food, but also can feel as though you are home!

Tip: I plan to invite some local friends to come to join us and teach them how to make the dumplings – they are so excited about this! So, maybe it’s a good choice to invite some friends and take the opportunity to let more people know about China and Chinese traditions!

Spring Festival Party

Watching the festival show is another ‘must do’ for Chinese New Year. Sitting together, watching the show and waiting for the countdown to the New Year are really important. On Monday 3 February, the Liverpool Chinese Student Association will hold a Spring Festival party in town, you are welcome to join us, and we will offer you a real Chinese New Year!

Plan a trip

I usually go hiking with family on the first day on the Chinese New Year. We always choose some mountains which are nearby home, or just go to the market! Even though you’re in Liverpool, and may still have some exams, it’s important not to forget this tradition. Put the books away and take a rest from study. Head to West Kirby to see the ocean, or go to the beach on Crosby and feel the wind – give yourself a fresh start!

No matter who you are and where you are, I wish you a wonderful Chinese New Year!