Free cycle skills lessons

Government advice to avoid public transport, alongside the demand for exercise, has helped lead to a cycling boom during lockdown.

If you are thinking of bringing your bike with you to University it’s important that you’re acquainted with the road traffic safety practices that will help reduce the risks on your commute to campus.

Whether you’ve new to cycling or are a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, Bikeability are offering students free one-to-one and group cycle skills lessons:

Get tailored training at a level suited to your needs, all based on the National Cycle Training Standards and split into easy to understand modules:

  • Basic for beginners – Cycle in a safe, off-road environment with a qualified instructor. You’ll learn the basics, build your skills and gain the confidence to be able to navigate around your local area.
  • Urban – Improve your cycling skills and confidence. You’ll start in an off-road environment to refresh your cycling technique and develop new skills before moving on to practise on quiet roads. A qualified instructor will support you throughout.
  • Advanced – Perfect your cycling techniques with a qualified trainer. Improve your performance when dealing with complex junctions, heavy traffic or cycling at night and receive assurance that you are cycling efficiently and effectively.

The courses last for two hours and can be booked at: