5 things to bring with you to campus

Things might look a little different on campus this year, but all of the measures that have been introduced are for your safety and that of our university community. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to follow the current guidance, and here are a few important things to bring with you to campus that will help to keep each other safe:

Face coverings

It is mandatory to wear a face covering on campus, including during teaching sessions and when you move from one location to another. All students will be provided with two free, washable face coverings, and you will also find disposable face masks available within buildings if you need them.

If you can’t wear a face covering then a sunflower lanyard signals to others that you are exempt, and will help to avoid being questioned about it. You can purchase a lanyard before you arrive on campus from hidden disabilities.

Hand sanitiser

As you move around campus you will notice that there are lots of new hand sanitiser stations available, and it’s important that you use them. You might want to throw your own small hand sanitiser container in your bag as well, just in case.

Contactless payment

Try to avoid using cash where possible, and use your contactless payment card or a digital payment system via your mobile device to buy food and drink, use the sports centre, pay for car parking, and printing.

Notepad and pen

Get into the habit of keeping a list of everyone you have been in close contact with. Anybody who you have been in contact with for one minute or longer and within a distance of a metre or less, or for 15 minutes or longer and within a distance of two metres. This will be really important for containing the spread of the virus if you test positive for covid-19. Use your phone to keep a record if you prefer.

Common sense

Don’t forget this. Remember to social distance, avoid large gatherings, wear your face mask, and wash your hands regularly. Make sure to follow the one-way walking routes around campus and adhere to the new rules set out for physical teaching sessions and laboratories. Be safe—for yourself, and for others.

COVID-19 safety
To find out more about how we are keeping you safe, the part you will play in our new COVID-secure campus, and what to do if you need help, please visit our COVID-19 Safety Hub.