UK COVID-19 guidelines and sanctions

The UK government has introduced new restrictions to try to tackle the rising number of coronavirus infections in the UK.

The University has all the necessary safety measures in place on the campus to keep students and staff safe including COVID-secure buildings, adapted teaching schedules and much more. You can view these details anytime on our dedicated campus safety hub.

Each and every one of us have a responsibility to keep each other safe. Please find to follow further details to reiterate and clarify the rules which are currently in place in our city.

Rule of 6 and local restrictions

Currently, individuals can no longer gather in groups of more than six people, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

New local restrictions for Liverpool, which came into force this week, also mean that individuals are currently not able to socialise with people from outside their own household in their home or garden. This means individuals can’t invite friends over to socialise if they don’t live with them.

If you are intending to meet people outside or in COVID-secure venues, you will need to maintain the ‘rule of six’ and keep a distance of 2m from anyone you don’t live with.

A household, for the purposes of COVID rules, only includes the people you live with at your term-time address. For example, if you live in certain University halls, those in your flat are your household. In a house, your housemates are your new household. If you live in a large house, certain university or private halls this may mean that you have more than 6 people in your household. It is advised that, if this is the case, you still aim, when out and about, to keep to small groups of 6 or less.

Socialising in the city

Liverpool is a welcoming and vibrant place to live. You are still able to get out and enjoy our city, but please make sure you do it safely. Keep socially distanced, don’t gather in groups of more than 6 and be mindful of the wider community of which you are part.

All pubs, bars and restaurants will offer table service and will close at 10pm. I would urge you to only visit venues which are COVID-secure and which are following the rules. This is for your safety and for the safety of those around you.

Be mindful of your neighbours when you arrive home. The residents of the city are incredibly welcoming, but the arrival of our students into the community this year has coincided with an especially difficult period, particularly for those within your new community who face additional risks from the virus. You can help reduce their worries by keeping the noise down and following the COVID rules.

You will need to wear a face covering in indoor settings including shops, taxis and indoor hospitality (where you are not actively eating or drinking).

It is also mandatory to wear your face covering on campus, including during teaching sessions and when you move from one location to another. If you cannot wear a face covering, we encourage you to wear a sunflower lanyard so that others are aware you are exempt. You can find more details about this here.

Fines and sanctions

You are urged in the strongest possible terms to abide by these rules and the other guidelines set out by the government, not only for the good of one another but also for the wider community and those who may be more vulnerable than you. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Only this week, as you may have seen in the media, our on-campus COVID-19 Test Centre helped to quickly identify and contain a small outbreak among students who had been mixing between households.

Please remember that the police and other enforcement officers will issue penalty notices to those that don’t comply. This means that you might receive a police fine which will increase if you continue to flout rules.

If you are concerned that someone isn’t behaving in a COVID-safe manner and you feel able to challenge them then you should do so respectfully. If you feel unable to challenge them, or if you are not happy with their response, please email and one of our advisers will contact you.

Putting others at risk is unacceptable and in, keeping with government guidance, the University has the capacity to take disciplinary action under the existing Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline.

Where we become aware of a gathering, or plans for a gathering, which breach COVID-19 regulations we will issue a letter reminding you of the current guidance. This letter will be copied to your Head of Department and Student Experience Team Leader and a copy will sit on your file in case of subsequent breaches. We may also take disciplinary action.

Members of our local community have also been urged to contact the University with any concerns about behaviour in the community. These complaints will be directed to Liverpool City Council or Merseyside Police (depending on the complaint type). We will liaise with these agencies to address serious or repeated, wilful breaches of the rules.

Professor Gavin Brown, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, said: “I think it’s clear we are facing a fairly lengthy period where these rules will form our new normal in terms of socialising and it’s important that we all adapt to avoid the potential for greater restrictions further down the line.

“Liverpool has its arms open to welcome you and we are very much looking forward to your arrival. Please do the right thing and play your part in keeping everyone – especially those who are most vulnerable – safe in our city. It is now your city too.”