How to get a COVID-19 test before you travel

You will be able to access COVID-19 testing on campus, even if you do not have any symptoms, between Tuesday, 1 December and Friday, 18 December.

The University is providing this service so that you can go home or to a different address for the holiday period with a reduced risk of transmitting the virus – or, if you get a positive test, so that you can self-isolate before the winter break to protect your family and friends.

There are now two types of COVID-19 testing available on campus for students and staff:

  1. For those with symptoms (result in 24 hours)
  2. For those with NO symptoms, who wish to travel elsewhere within the UK over the winter break (result in 1 hour)

Please visit our ‘Book a COVID-19 test’ webpage for more information and instructions about how you can get a test.

How many tests should I have?

If you intend to travel home over the winter break, we strongly encourage you to take at least one, but preferably two ‘no symptoms’ tests, within the seven days before your expected travel date, with one of the tests taken within 24 hours of your departure.

This means that you’re reducing the risk of onward transmission while you travel and when you’re at home. You should also aim to travel within 24 hours of a negative test result and continue to observe the latest public health guidance at all times.

Need help?

If you have any queries about the on campus COVID-19 test centres or are struggling to book a test, please find further information on the campus safety webpages. You can also contact, or call the University’s COVID Guidance and Travel Plans Helpline on 0151 795 9500.

To help us provide the necessary student support and COVID-19 testing, please fill in our short Holiday Travel Arrangements Form. Please complete the form whether you have already travelled, are staying on campus or if you plan to go home for Christmas.

Accessing a test in November

If you intend to travel in November, before the designated student travel window (3 – 9 December), we’d encourage you to make use of the mass testing pilot which is currently running in the city. These are the same lateral flow fast-result tests and are free to access on a walk-in basis at more than 30 centres around the city.

Accessing a test after the student travel window

To accommodate those who are on placement or who are unable to travel within the designated travel window, you will still be able to access a ‘no symptoms’ test before you travel. You can book your test via our Asymptomatic Test Booking website.

Travel safety

If you are travelling in the next few days or weeks, please read through our safe travel guidance here.