University announces further financial support for students in response to the pandemic

The University has announced an investment of an additional £1 million in its hardship fund to support students who are facing financial difficulties.

The new investment recognises that many students and their families have experienced financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic. The additional money greatly increases the University’s support for students who are experiencing genuine and unforeseen financial difficulty during their studies.

Applications are invited from any students who are in difficulty despite having already applied for and received any other available financial support. The fund can provide non-repayable grants towards general living expenses or for one-off exceptional costs.

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis using the University Hardship Fund Guidance or the relevant guidance for international students.

To find out more, please visit our University Hardship Fund webpage.

Rebate for unoccupied rooms during term time in December and January

On Wednesday afternoon the Government published new information to support the safe return of students in the new year.

The latest Government guidance provides us with greater certainty about plans for the new year and, as a result, we know that some students will choose to be away from halls for an extended period during term time in December and/or January.

In recognition of these unusual and difficult circumstances, we will now be offering a rebate of your term time accommodation fees if you choose to stay elsewhere during this period, on the following basis:

  • You will be able to claim a rebate for a single, continuous period of leave from halls.
  • You will be able to claim for any dates between 3-18 December, 2020 and 4-25 January, 2021 that fall within your single period of leave. The period between 18 December and 4 January will not be eligible for a rebate but, if you leave before 18 December and return after 4 January, this will count as a single period of leave and you will be able to receive a rebate for all term time dates on which you were away.
  • Any rebate will be 100% of your accommodation fee for the period claimed.
  • You will be invited to apply for a rebate after 25 January, 2021. There is no need to act now.

Your room is of course available throughout this period should you choose to stay in Liverpool. If you leave for a break, it will be available again whenever you return. You will be charged for the days you occupy your room, outside of the continuous period of leave from the halls.

The above information only applies to students living in the University’s Halls of Residence. If you live in private accommodation and have questions about fees, you will need to refer to your tenancy agreement and the terms within. Any changes to agreements are at the discretion of your landlord. You can find more housing advice at Liverpool Student Homes.

Government support

You may also have noticed the Government’s announcement this week of a national, £20 million fund to help students in need of extra financial support. This is expected to be managed by the Office for Students and we will communicate further details with you when we have them.

Further information

All students will receive an email about the University Hardship Fund.

Our Accommodation Team are sending further detail about the rebate to all students living in University halls.

 We know this is a challenging time. If you need access to support, activities or services, we’re here for you.