National Student Money Week

The future might be uncertain, but financial wellbeing is all about your attitudes and mindset – and you can start working on that straight away.

Student Money Week, from 22-26 February, brings together a number of digital initiatives to help you prepare your finances for a rainy day. The future might seem less certain than ever, but no matter what challenges lie ahead, mastering your money will help. Because when you are prepared, you can withstand any financial weather conditions that life throws at you.

There are lots of digital initiatives taking place to help you learn how to protect your finances against any storm. These include:

  • A two-part webinar series on financial wellbeing and resilience taking place on 23 and 25 February. Sign up to the Webinars here.
  • A 3-day email learning finance bootcamp
  • A free e-book with all the financial planning strategies you need for a rainy day
  • Amazing prizes to be won, including four ‘emergency pots’ worth £250 each and one-on-one sessions with financial planning experts

No matter what challenges lie ahead, mastering your money will help you face the future, and if you build your financial wellbeing you’ll be better equipped to deal with difficult times.

Discover all that this year’s NSMW has to offer at

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties you can apply to the University Hardship Fund. If you would like more information on the support available, or you have other money queries, you can email the Money Advice and Guidance team at:

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