Reminder: Semester one academic timetable release

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The semester one academic timetable for 2021/22 was released to all students on the Timetables App and in the Timetable Portal on Wednesday, 1 September 2021. If you haven’t checked your timetable yet, please do so as soon as possible.

If you are a new student, you will need to have completed your academic registration and activated your computing account before you are able to access the Timetable Portal and Timetable App.

Students studying on Health Sciences and Dentistry programmes will receive their timetable directly from their School. Students studying Medicine and Veterinary Science should check the app, and continue to refer to communications from their School for further detail and information regarding placements.

Your time spent on campus will include timetabled, in-person teaching sessions for interactive elements of your course such as seminars, tutorials, workshops, practical classes and lab-based activities. These sessions will offer valuable opportunities to regularly interact with other students and your tutors to discuss topics, engage in thoughtful debate, or ask for support. They will also provide full access to any specialist learning environments, including laboratories, studios and practical training rooms, that you need as part of your programme.

Your in-person teaching is likely to be, at least for the first semester, supplemented by online sessions. This is most likely to apply to large group sessions, which are best suited to a virtual experience. Some of your online learning may be held live, using software that enables you to engage with your lecturer and peers. Other sessions and materials may be made available to access and work through in your own time and at your own pace. All online learning will enhance your understanding of topics that you will be able to discuss further during your teaching time on-campus.

Your semester two academic timetable will be released later in the academic year and before semester two begins.

Depending on your area of study, additional activities – like field trips – may be added to your timetable after the 1 September, and during the semester. Please look out for emails from your Department about such activities and regularly check your timetable throughout the term.

Reading your timetable

Zoom or Teams links for online sessions will be generated the week before each activity. You therefore won’t see the links within your timetable initially.

Within your timetable, a session will be marked as online or on-campus. Online sessions and on-campus sessions each have a unique icon on the app to help you distinguish between the two types of activity.

Example on-campus session:

Example online session:

Timetabling App

Please make sure you have downloaded the most up-to-date version of the Timetables App. You can find out more about the app, including how to download it, via the App Directory.

Events and activities

The University, Guild and your Department are busy preparing a variety of Welcome activities that will take place at the beginning of our new term. Many of the events are aimed at both our new and returning students.

Contact us

For timetable support and queries, please contact your School Office or visit the Academic Timetables webpage.