Don’t rush to rent – when to start looking for student accommodation

Don't Rush To Rent

It might seem a good idea to secure your student accommodation for next year as early as possible, but this can have some major pitfalls.

Tenancy agreements are legally binding, and once you have signed one there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to cancel it if your circumstances change.

There’s no rush to rent

It’s a myth that all the good properties go early, and there really is no need to rush. In Liverpool there is always plenty of private student accommodation available all year round. There lots to choose from so you can afford to take your time and consider your options.

Don’t stress about deciding who you want to live with next year. You may not have formed your friendship groups yet. Take time to get to know others and to decide what is right for you.

You can delay your search until after Christmas and there are always plenty of properties available. It’s better to take your time to make the right choice.

Need help?

Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) is the official university service that can help you  to find good quality private accommodation in Liverpool.

The service is owned and managed by the University of Liverpool along with the other universities in the city. The team are there to support you throughout the time you’re renting private student accommodation in Liverpool, and it should be your first stop when looking for somewhere to live after university halls.

As well as providing free housing rights advice, they have a large database of accredited student properties. This means that to advertise properties on the LSH website, accommodation providers must commit to meeting the strict requirements of the accreditation scheme.

The team have put together lots of useful information to help you, including an accommodation timeline, advice on where to live, and information on viewing properties, and finding housemates.

LSH are here to support you all the way, so if you need advice about renting private student accommodation, please visit their website to find out how the can help.