Accessing your Semester Two Assessment Timetable

Your Semester Two Assessment Timetable will be available to you from 9am on Wednesday, 6 April.

Your timetable will made available to you in two parts:

  1. Any online exams (up to 24 hours in length) and any in-person exams (in a room on campus) you have in May/June 2022 will be listed within the Exam Timetable Portal via the ‘Quick Links’ section of the Student Intranet.
  2. Your School or Department will communicate information to you separately about extended open book exams (online exam-style assessment completed over a longer timeframe up to five days) or coursework.

If you have any queries about the details of your assessments please contact your School Office. More information about the different types of assessment and the regulations which apply can be found in the Regulations for the Conduct of Examinations 2021-22.

Accessing your timetable

Your online exam timetable (up to 24 hours in length) and any in-person exams (in a room on campus) will be available to access via the ‘Quick Links’ section of the Student Intranet (NOT in Liverpool Life as in previous years). It is your responsibility to log in and check this – it will not be emailed separately to you.

To find your timetable, log into the Student Intranet using your normal username and password.

Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Quick Links’ column on the left-hand side and select ‘Exam Timetable’. This will open your personal timetable.

Further resources

The weeks before the formal assessment period begins can be difficult. Please remember the wide range of support you can access at any time as a University of Liverpool student. If you need support please contact or you can book an appointment using our online hub. The University also provides additional 24-hour support through Health Assured, and you can contact them by calling 0800 028 3766 at any time.

Specifically, in relation to assessments:

  • KnowHow is running a series of exam prep sessions as well as online tutorials to help you prepare for assessments including topics such as Academic Writing, Preparing for Exams, and Time Management. Dedicated sessions are available on online exams as well as how to answer short and essay style assessment questions. There is a mixture of online courses which can be completed in your own time and timed sessions which require booking. Please view the webpages for full details and to book.
  • Study for Success modules on Canvas are available at the following links:

KnowHow: Study for Success – Health and Life Sciences

KnowHow: Study for Success – Humanities and Social Sciences 

KnowHow: Study for Success – Science and Engineering