Team Sport Liverpool Blog: Ultimate Frisbee

Author, Owen Hammond, is a current student and member of the University’s Ultimate Frisbee club. 

When people hear of Ultimate Frisbee their minds immediately jump to the game that people play with their dogs on the beach, but it is so much more than that. I first began playing it for fun when I lived in America, and I was immediately entranced with the sport. I continued playing it when I returned to the UK, and I played as much as I could whilst studying in Secondary School.

When I moved to Liverpool, I saw a poster advertising the Ultimate Frisbee club and its taster session. I dragged my entire accommodation flat to the training and I remembered how much I adored the sport. I felt at home almost immediately and everyone who was there were so welcoming to beginners like me and my new flat mates. Sadly, this happened to be in the height of the COVID year and it saw a halt to all training for the rest of the year. I returned in the second year and resumed my love for the sport and went to as many trainings as I could.

I was apprehensive of returning at first because it felt so much more different than before with a huge number of people turning up to the training sessions. But as soon as I got into the rhythm of the training, all my worries simply dissipated. Joining Frisbee gave me the confidence that I had been missing and allowed me to become more confident with meeting more people. I felt more confident in everything, and it led to me performing better in all aspects of my university life.

During the exam periods I studied hard but struggled to get out of the house and do basic exercise. There was plenty of opportunity for me to throw with some of my friends that I had made during my time at the club. This got me out of the house enough to maintain a healthy mental state and ultimately made me better at the sport that I loved. Everybody that I have met in this club have been so welcoming and warm, they have helped me become a better player and ultimately a better person in all aspects.

Ultimate Frisbee is a wonderful way to meet new people and learn an absolutely brilliant sport that welcomes all. As a group, we are very welcoming and will help all groups of people in getting better or even just learning a new skill. We would like to welcome everyone, fresher or not, to our taster sessions and to join us at the welcome fair and we look forward to meeting you all very soon.

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The Team Sport Liverpool Welcome Fair will take place on the 22 and 23 September in the Sports and Fitness Centre on campus for anyone interested in sport at University. This opportunity gives students two weeks free access to all club training sessions to try before joining.