10 student societies that you might not have heard of


Societies provide opportunities for students to come together to enjoy a shared interest – whether it’s to pursue a hobby, celebrate a faith or culture, or expand your academic horizons beyond your studies.

They provide a great way to make friends, try something new, and build a whole host of new skills.

If you’ve not joined a society yet there’s still time, as they will be happy to accept new members throughout the academic year.

Here are just a few of the societies that you can join:

1. Anime& Otaku Society

Liverpool Anime and Otaku Society are a group of anime fans that meet weekly to watch anime and make new likeminded friends. They welcome newbies, casuals and die-hard fans to watch anime and celebrate otaku culture!

2. Book Soc

Book Soc is there for you if you want to read collectively with a group of book enthusiasts. Each month they choose a different theme for books and socials, from mystery to mindfulness! If you finish a book NEEDING to discuss it with a friend, this is the society for you!

3. Chess Society

Chess Society is open to players of all levels, whether you are just starting out, or are a titled player. They also participate in national and international tournaments, if you wish to get involved in the more competitive side of chess!

4. Coding & Robotics Society

Dedicated to developing coding at all levels, from complete beginners to cutting edge research. No coding nor electronics skills are require to join the society and we accept everyone regardless of year and course. Anyone can learn coding and electronics!

5. Entrepreneurship Society

The University of Liverpool Entrepreneurship Society helps students to step into entrepreneurship and start their own ventures and build sustainable businesses. There are lots of networking opportunities, guest speakers, training workshops, and social events.

6. Eurovision Appreciation Society

Eurovision Society is a place for fans and Eurovision, from ABBA to Jedward to Måneskin! Whether you want to revisit your favourite performances, discuss the latest updates or predict who will end up with nil points, Eurovision society is the place for you!

7. Dance Music and DJ Society

A group of like-minded students who have a shared passion for electronic dance music. The Society welcomes everyone, from those who can DJ or produce (regardless of ability) to those who simply enjoy going out and listening to the music!

8. Help the Homeless Society

The Help the Homeless Society began with a small group of students who were dissatisfied with the plight of rough sleepers in Liverpool, and wanted to do something to help change it. Since then the society has grown to support refugees and asylum seekers and has become one of the biggest societies in the Guild.

9. LGBT+ Society

The LGBT+ society brings members together in a safe and fun social environment, and campaigns for change and progress for LGBT+ rights in society. Events are for LGBT+ people and allies, and whether you are wanting to join us to have a good time at university, or there’s a cause you want to raise awareness for, the society is here to support you to do that.

10. Scouts and Guides Society

Open to all students, regardless of experience, there are weekly meetings with a range of fun indoor and outdoor sessions that mix traditional Scouting and Guiding activities. Member can also take part in national events and support Merseyside Scouts and Guides, including the annual University of Liverpool Science Jamboree!


This is just a glimpse of the wide range of student societies at the University of Liverpool. Head to the Liverpool Guild of Students website to start exploring what else is on offer!