Best wishes to students on our Indonesian Scholarship Scheme

As the semester draws to a close, we would like to send our best wishes to the 25 students from the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) scholarship scheme who have spent the last few months at the University.

From creating an exhibition as part of Indonesian National Heroes Day, to performing the Balinese Kecak Dance in University Square during Global Opportunities Week last month, it’s fair to say that the group have had a huge impact in increasing awareness of Indonesia’s rich cultural background during their time here in Liverpool.

As well as increasing awareness of their own culture, the group have also embraced life here in the UK through getting involved in a range of activities, including tours of Liverpool and Chester, experiencing Afternoon Tea and attending day trips to Alton Towers, York and Wales.

Celia, one of the students in the group said of the experience: “We’ve been enjoying ourselves in Liverpool. We love this city—everyone everywhere is so kind, and it’s also a great place to study! The University has given us a fun new learning experience, and I’m confident to speak for the 25 of us that it has improved us for the better. We will definitely miss getting groceries at eJoy, making quick stops at Nabzy’s, and all of Liverpool in general once we get home!”

What is IISMA?

IISMA is a scholarship scheme by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to fund Indonesian students for mobility programs at top universities around the world.