Meet the new student Disability Coaches team

As part of our new pilot scheme, 12 students joined our Student Services team as Disability Coaches this month.

The coaches – who are all students and have lived experience of different disabilities – are trained to assist with student disability support, including:

  • Initial support enquiries
  • If you would be eligible for support
  • What is a support plan and what support you may be able to get
  • What services you can access
  • How to obtain medical evidence
  • Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) applications and queries
  • Helping you to order your DSA Equipment
  • Helping you to contact your DSA non-medical help provider

Disability Coaches at the University of Liverpool

Meet the coaches

The Disability Coaches run a drop-in session, which takes place in person, in the Alsop building from 11am-3pm every weekday.

You can also meet the Coaches remotely, 12pm-2pm every weekday via this link:

More information

For any more information or queries about Disability Coaches, please visit our Disability Coaches page or contact our Disability Coach Project Officer Jennie Atherton: