Exclusive paid internships for Liverpool students

Liverpool Interns

Liverpool Interns is a unique programme that provides University of Liverpool students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop the skills employers are looking for, and to earn £1,100!

This programme, delivered by Careers and Employability in partnership with Santander Universities UK, offers skills-enhancing short-term opportunities with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are designed to fit in around your studies and other commitments.

The opportunities are available exclusively to University of Liverpool students and recent graduates from all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The companies that we have partnered with are all looking to develop and grow their business – and they need your help do it!

How long are the internships?

All internships offer a maximum of 100 hours paid work that can be completed in two ways:

  • Part-time around your current course commitments – we recommend a commitment of between 7-10 hours per week
  • During the summer vacation period (June-September) when you can work commit more hours each week

Many of the internships are extended by the company, and there is even the potential for graduating students to move from part-time to full-time at the end of an internship experience.

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What internships are available?

The internships are created according to business need and span a number of areas including marketing, business development, research, education, information technology and health.

All live Liverpool Internships are advertised onHandshake.

New opportunities are being added every week, so keep checking back for the latest vacancies.

When do the internships start?

Internships are available throughout Spring and Summer 2023. Start dates will vary according to the needs of individual SME’s, and will be arranged in discussion with the successful candidates.

Are the internships paid?

Yes. You will be paid a rate of £11 per hour for a total of 100 hours for each internship, through a £1,100 bursary made possible through our partnership with Santander Universities.

Can I source my own internship?

Yes. If you know of a small business and can identify your own internship please introduce them to our Employer Connections Team (email: employerconnections@liverpool.ac.uk) ho will explain how the internship and bursary programme works.

Please note that Internships can only be with companies who have fewer than 250 employees.

Can I work for an SME elsewhere in the UK?

Yes, internships can be with businesses based anywhere in the UK. The majority of internships on offer will be based here in the Liverpool City Region but there are no restrictions to UK location for the internships.

Who can apply?

Students from any course and year of study, as well as recent graduates.

How do I apply?

Part of the application process requires you to submit your CV.

Before you apply use our CV360 online tool to update or create a CV that is tailored for the role that you are applying for. We’ve created a 3-step process to help you create a champion CV:

The first step is to create your CV, making sure to include all of your relevant skills and experience.

The second step is to score your CV, to identify areas that need improvement.

Finally, visit the Career Studio to speak with a Career Coach who can provide feedback and help you to fine-tune your CV to make it as effective as possible.

Find out more

If you’d like to be kept up to date with the latest opportunities click here to register your interest.

The Career Studio is situated in the Alsop Building, located on the University Square and is open Monday-Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm, you don’t need an appointment, just call in!

Our Career Coaches can help you with every aspect of the recruitment process, including setting up a mock interview for you. Just ask for further details