Tips to keep yourself and your belongings safe

Although Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the UK, to help keep your student home and belongings safe we wanted to remind you of some key safety tips.

Protect your property and personal belongings

To keep your property and belongings safe, follow these top tips:

  • If you are leaving the house, remember to always lock all doors and windows and activate any house alarms. When you are at home, all external doors and windows should be locked – this includes before you go to bed.
  • Make sure that your valuables are not in view. Close curtains at night. You can also register your possessions for free with Immobilise, the national property register.
  • Light timers are a good way of making it appear that your house or flat is occupied – whether you’re out for the evening or away for a few days.
  • If you live in a flat or shared accommodation, make sure you know who is following you in to the building.
  • Don’t leave laptops, tablets, or phones unattended, even in the library.
  • Be vigilant when using your phone when out and about. Only use it for calls if necessary and try to keep your phone out of sight. Consider installing an anti-theft app, which can be an effective way of helping police trace your phone and identify the thief.
  • Prevent flooding – know where your main stop valve is. Follow the winter weather advice from United Utilities.
  • Don’t leave the packaging from expensive goods you have bought outside next to your bin so that they can be seen, instead, take it to a recycling bin or tip.
  • Always lock your bike (even if you are leaving it for a few minutes), preferably with a D lock. When you’re on campus use the University’s bike pods. Each of these compounds are fitted with lighting, a panic alarm and are gated with a proximity card access.
  • You can also register your bike with our bike protection scheme. This police approved database is free of charge to use, for details see the website.
  • Avoid walking down unlit walk ways and short cuts, especially if you are on your own at night.
  • If you feel threatened whilst you are on or around campus, go to a place of safety if possible such as the libraries, a shop, or a reception area of a building. You can call 999 in an emergency and our Campus Support Team can be contacted using the emergency number 0151 794 2222.
  • Don’t forget that we run a dedicated chaperone service on campus, that runs 24 hours a day. If you feel vulnerable and would like to be escorted across campus at night, please call Campus Support at any time on 0151 794 3252.

Chaperone service

Further information

For more information and advice about protecting your personal belongings and property, contact our friendly Campus Support team on 0151 794 3252 or visit the Liverpool Student Homes website.

The University also has a dedicated Police Officer who works alongside our Campus Support Services team and can offer practical safety advice and support regarding any potential crime related issues.

Further details can be found on the Campus Support webpages.

Report + Support
Use our online service to tell us about incidents you have seen or experienced that have made you feel uncomfortable including bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, hate crime, assault or discrimination. It can be used anonymously at any time.