Student Societies: Make friends, try something new, and develop your skills


Societies provide opportunities meet like-minded students and enjoy a shared interest – whether it’s to pursue a hobby, celebrate a faith or culture, or expand your academic horizons beyond your studies.

They are a great way to make friends, try something new, and develop your skills.

If you’ve not joined a society yet there’s still time, as they will be happy to accept new members throughout the academic year.

Here are just a few of the societies that you can join:

Animal Welfare Society

The Animal Welfare Society is for animal lovers who want to make a difference for animals in need and make friends with like-minded people.

They aim to help local animal charities by hosting various fundraising events, such as bake/craft sales, raffles, sports competitions, fun activity classes, and gaming tournaments; as well as through volunteering and raising public awareness about animal welfare.

Bake Soc

This society aim to share the love of baking with everyone in a fun and inviting atmosphere. It is open to everyone – you don’t have to be a baking expert to join!

Weekly meetings feature bake-alongs (baking a chosen recipe together) with the occasional trip or social event. If you love baking, eating cake and having an amazing time, then join this society, it’ll be a treat!

Creative Writing Society

Are you interested in creative writing? From novels to short stories to fanfic to poetry to screenwriting, from beginners to hobbyists to English students to those hoping to get published, all creative writers are welcome to this society to share, discuss, practise and improve their writing.

Dance Music & DJ Society

The Dance Music and DJ Society brings together students who have a shared passion for electronic dance music. The society welcomes anyyone who can DJ and produce, regardless of ability – as well as anyone who simply enjoys going out and listening to the music!

Eurovision Appreciation Society

Eurovision Society is a place for fans and Eurovision, from ABBA to Jedward to Måneskin! Whether you want to revisit your favourite performances, discuss the latest updates or predict who will end up with nil points, Eurovision society is the place for you!

Green Society

Green Soc is a space for anyone who recognises the urgency of climate change and the beauty of nature. They are a community where activism, nature, equality, and mental health are priorities. Orientated around the idea of climate justice, intersectional climate activism and affecting sustainable policy, we believe that nature deserves a voice. This is a grass-roots movement that influences and protects, both wildlife and people.

LGBT+ Society

The LGBT+ society brings members together in a safe and fun social environment, and campaigns for change and progress for LGBT+ rights in society. Events are for LGBT+ people and allies, and whether you are wanting to join us to have a good time at university, or there’s a cause you want to raise awareness for, the society is here to support you to do that.

Liverpool University Music Society (LUMS)

A society dedicated to providing an enriching musical experience for students from across the university. Whatever your preference of music, there is an ensemble for you!

The society includes Stage and Screen Orchestra, All Voices Choir, Big Band and more, and you can join as many as you wish. These ensembles encompass many styles of music including, but not limited to, classical, jazz, pop and film music. These ensembles are run by fellow students determined to provide you with the most enriching experience possible.

Sober Soc

You don’t have to be sober to join Sober Soc, you simply have to be willing to remain sober for the meet-ups! Whether you want to be a more mindful drinker, are totally sober, or simply want to take part in activities that aren’t alcohol-focused, this is the place for you. Everything from alcohol-free cocktail making to coffee dates and cinema trips. Come experience things you’ve never done before!


This is just a glimpse of the wide range of student societies at the University of Liverpool. Head to the Liverpool Guild of Students website to start exploring what else is on offer!