Assistive tech: 6 study tools you should know about

This exam season, we’ve rounded up six tools that can help you to study. If you’ve got an exam or assessment coming up, we want to wish you the best of luck. #TeamLivUni

Accessible software is available to be installed on any University PC via Install University Applications within the Accessibility category.

Note taking

Audio Notetaker enables you to capture, edit and review audio, and breaks up the notetaking into manageable steps, allowing you to fully concentrate on your lecture rather than trying to scribble down notes.

Text to Speech, Braille displays and dictation

ClaroRead reads typed text aloud, including individual words, passages, and whole documents, preventing eye strain.

It can be beneficial to people on the autistic spectrum and dyslexic users, helping you follow typed text more accurately and identify errors in documents you’ve typed. JAWS screen-reading software allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen either with a text-to-speech output or with an easily refreshed Braille display.

Office 365 also features dictation and read aloud functionality.


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Screen magnification

ZoomText is an advanced screen magnification application tailored for low-vision users that enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, making it easier to see and use.

Dolphin SuperNova is tailored for low-vision users magnifying your computer screen, customising colour schemes and more.

Mind Mapping

MindView is a tool which provides an efficient way to capture, visualise and manage information. You can organise, store and present web links, documents, audio files and more, in a visual way.

Maths and Science

Equatio is a powerful equation editor that makes it easy to create digital, accessible maths. It saves time and helps manage stress and anxiety by eliminating frustration. It makes maths and science more accessible and engaging for everyone.

Web page assistance

ReciteMe is an assistive toolbar which can be run across the majority of University web pages and allows you to customise the appearance of content, including font size, colour and type, page background colour and more. You can explore ReciteMe functionality by clicking the Enable accessibility help button on the Accessibility page.

For further information, please contact Steven Summers by emailing You can also find out more on our Accessibility webpages.