A letter to my first-year self: Mesoo

Career Coach Mesoo

Mesoo Ubadigha is a Class of 2023 LLB Law graduate. Here, Mesoo looks back at her time at the University of Liverpool and thinks about what she would tell her first-year self.

Dear First Year Me,

The time has finally come and you’ve made it to Uni! You fought so hard during the onset of the pandemic to be here and now you finally are! Moving out was bittersweet; I know how exciting this feeling of independence is, but equally how emotional you feel saying goodbye to the people you’ve known and loved all your life. But let me tell you… you are in for such an adventure!

The first year will be challenging in terms of friendships and the isolating nature of lockdown, although you will meet so many new people, try new things and make memories during this season that will last a lifetime! Try not to sweat the small stuff and just focus on what and who is truly important. Don’t wish you could be in a different situation or compare your circumstances to anyone else – life works on a different schedule for everyone.

In terms of academics, I know you tend to prioritise success over your own needs. Take breaks, go for hot girl walks and catch-up with your flatmates. I know you think you’ll follow your meticulous life plan to get a training contract by second year and qualify as a solicitor, but be open to new paths and where your skills could take you, you’ll thank me later!

Each year of university will bring with it a whole new set of friends, milestones and experiences. You’ll meet a special someone, travel more than you ever have and start to carve out who you want to be. Continue to have confidence in yourself, and in God, that you will achieve all you set your mind to and your future is bright!

In this era, you’ll grow in leaps and bounds and transform into such a well-rounded, confident and inspired girl ready for the real world and, all the wonder that lies before you!

Have a blast!

Mesoo x