A letter to my first-year self: Aidan


Aidan Szilardy is a Class of 2023 BA Politics student. Here, Aidan looks back at his time at the University of Liverpool and thinks about what he would tell his first-year self.

Dear First Year Me,

You’re about to embark on three of the most transformative years of your life.

Your time at university will undoubtedly push you to your limits. They’ll be the most challenging, the most unpredictable, and the most academically intense. You’ll be exposed to new ideas, people, and places. You’ll learn new skills, aptitudes, and techniques. There will be some days you find tough, there will in fact be many.

Some barriers will seem immovable. I know you’re somewhat expecting this, and despite your excitement, your apprehensiveness occupies a place prominent in your thoughts. However, I’m here to tell you that these things are what will make university so special. Your growth will be immeasurable, and as third year draws to a close, you’ll become unrecognisable.

Don’t be afraid to make the most of every single opportunity you have available. You’ll have access to every student society you could imagine, an academic journal for every niche, and an experienced professor for every subject. At university, almost anything stands within reach. While you’re at university to get a degree, you’re also here to take risks. This is your chance not only to demonstrate what you’re good at, but also try what you’ve never have.

Out of everything you experience at university, the people you meet will be the most special. COVID hasn’t been kind to your social experience of A levels, and unfortunately nor will it be to your first year. However, stick it out and give it time. Soon, you’ll make the most amazing group of friends. They’ll make you laugh more than you ever have before, but most importantly, they’ll make your houses in Smithdown and Kensington feel like home.

Finally (and most importantly), enjoy the process. University doesn’t last forever, but the memories will. Work hard but rest just as easy. You’re in for a challenge, but a challenge you’ll overcome.

You’ve got this.