Panopto: Welcome to your lecture-recording system

Student working on laptop

The University has a brand new system for recording lectures, which will help students to access and re-watch past lectures to support your studies.

The new system, called Panopto, has been introduced for the start of the new academic year, replacing a previous system we had in place called Stream.

Panopto is a leading lecture recording service, used by universities across the country.

It allows academics to record longer lectures than before and in a high-quality resolution, and everything is stored in the Cloud, so students can retrieve past lectures whenever and wherever they want.

Lecture recordings are a useful tool for students throughout your time at university, and particularly around assessment time, when you might want to refresh your knowledge on certain subjects.

They are also helpful for students who are forced to miss lectures through illness or other extenuating circumstances. It’s important to note however that the watching back of lectures via Panopto does not replace your actual attendance, in person, at lectures. Here’s a reminder of our attendance policy.

Returning students will find that old lectures, recorded in Stream are being, or have already been, migrated to Panopto for future access.

Training is now available for students, to help you maximise the benefits of Panopto, including how to download the technology onto personal devices and how to search for and view recordings. You can access this training and more via Canvas.