University sets out ambitious new plans in ‘Liverpool 2031’

Liverpool 2031

The University is launching a new strategic framework ‘Liverpool 2031’, which sets out our vision for the future and outlines our ambition to be globally recognised as a world-leading institution for research and education.

Watch the Vice-Chancellor talk about Liverpool 2031:

What does Liverpool 2031 mean for students?

The launch of Liverpool 2031 is a significant milestone for the University and an important statement of our ambitions for students.

The University’s aim is to help every student fulfil your academic and personal ambitions, through world-class teaching and learning in a supportive, inclusive and empowering environment.

We will help you grow your confidence and embrace your creativity, equipping you with the skills you need not just for employment, but for life. When you graduate, we will still be here, helping to support you in your next chapter and remaining in touch so that you continue to feel a part of our University community.

Liverpool 2031 is a plan to grow the University’s reputation and standing worldwide, in turn this will open up new opportunities and support the prospects of every student who studies with us.

More about Liverpool 2031

To help achieve the vision set out in Liverpool 2031, we have a number of new objectives and priorities, which are broken down under four key pillars:

  • Research and Impact
  • Education and Student Experience
  • Global Engagement and Partnerships
  • Place and Innovation

There are also two cross-cutting themes, which intersect all the work we do. They are:

  • People and Culture
  • Sustainability

You can read ‘Liverpool 2031’ on the University’s website.