University WhatsApp Community launched

Student on bus WhatsApp with phone

We’ve launched a University WhatsApp Community to help students keep up-to-date this academic year.

The Community is for all students at the University. We’ll post to the Community a couple of times a month about:

  • Upcoming events you might like
  • New volunteer opportunities
  • University news and updates

We’re not able to respond to messages or receive calls on this number. The account is not monitored. If you have a question or need support, you’ll find a list of useful teams and their contact details on Student News.

Join the WhatsApp Community

Join the WhatsApp Community via the links below.

You can choose which Community to join by graduation year. So, for example, if you’re due to graduate in 2024, join the Class of 2024 Community:

Remember, you’ll need to have downloaded WhatsApp in order to join the Community.

Things to know

Joining our Class of WhatsApp Communities is optional. Any essential University information will be sent to you on other channels.

Only Community Admins can see your details in the community and only Community Admins will be able to post to the Community.

You can leave the community at any time by clicking on the name at the top of your screen and selecting ‘Exit Group’.

You can read our Privacy Notice here.